Buying Paintings

Above all, the best piece of advice I could give with regards to investing in art would be - buy to enjoy!
Buy because you have seen a piece of art that you know you can't live without. To me, that's what makes art an investment!
Paintings as a financial investment.

Here are a few key things you should find out about an artist with regards to buying and long term investment.
  • How many years experience they have had
  • Collections they are in
  • Growth as an artist (evolution)
  • Solo gallery exhibitions 
  • Materials used (will the work last)
  • Future (are they likely to continue practicing)
  • Alternative referencing ( Google them )

There's some info about my own art practice here...

Buying my work.

If you're interested in a painting that is in my studio, or if you want to commission a piece, let me know and we can talk.

If the painting you are interested in is with a gallery, I will forward your inquiry to them and you can go from there

Payments for paintings purchased through me can be made either directly to my account or through Paymate or by cheque if you live in New Zealand.

I'm always more than happy to spread payments for a painting out over three months or so and then send the work to you. If this helps you to secure the piece that you love, we can make it happen!

If you purchase a painting from me, and you change your mind* I'm happy to refund. The only cost to you will be the return freight and insurance.

 *Within 2 weeks of delivery.
Prices of my work

You can invest of one of my smaller works (around 40 x 30 cm) for as little as NZ $700.

Mid sized works (76 x 101 cm) are up to NZ $3800.

Large works (182 x 122 cm) are up to NZ $7000.


Shipping is free within New Zealand (excluding discounted works). 

I can quote to ship anywhere in the world including professional packaging and insurance.


ZeaYou Gallery, Taupo

Flagstaff Gallery, Auckland

Kura Gallery, Wellington 

Quay Gallery, Napier 

4 Art's Sake Gallery, Ohope Beach

Helena Bay Gallery, Northland

Technical information

My work is all acrylic painted on museum quality 10 oz. Cotton duck on 3cm (1.5") deep museum quality stretcher frames.

I finish the painting with an isolation coat (acrylic gel) which keeps it separate from the solvent based varnish (Golden MSA) that I then apply. 

This gives a great finish which is highly UV resistant, helps eliminate scuffing and can be removed (back to the isolation coat) for future restoration. 

Use of my images​​

All images of my work are under copyright.

I'm open to the use of my images for various organisations, schools, etc. I generally have a one-off-use fee of NZ $225 for print, NZ $100 for screen and I'd ask you to agree to a basic contract stating that the image is for a one off event and will not be used for anything else.

I am open to negotiation for charitlble trusts, etc. This would also state that my name and website be included somewhere near the image.​

Please use the contact form and let me know what image you would like to use and what you'd like to use it for.