Bold, figurative paintings capturing the essence of everyday people.

"A modernist influence mixed with New Zealand culture is evident in my  paintings and gives them a truly unique flavour. Aesthetics is always high on the agenda, I paint to please the eye and draw the viewer in.

As well considering symbolism, meaning and making statements, I make art that is about beauty."​​

​-Bryce Brown


  1. Digging for Toheroa
    Digging for Toheroa
  2. Gathering Toheroa
    Gathering Toheroa
  3. Woman with Cow and Calf
    Woman with Cow and Calf
  4. Orange
  5. In the Mood
    In the Mood
  6. Workers on Base Track
    Workers on Base Track
  7. Mahi (Work)
    Mahi (Work)
  8. Sea Change
    Sea Change
  9. Gathering Toheroa
    Gathering Toheroa
Figure & Land
Exhibition of new work February 2018
Flagstaff Gallery in Devonport, New Zealand will be hosting a showing of ten brand new, never before seen paintings this coming February 2018!

Here's a little video tour of the studio and the work so far.

YouTube video 1M 38Sec
If this doesn't play on your device, this is the YouTube Link
  1. Yes indeed we have received "Liberty", our last co-creation (of course you did the majority of the work). The colors are much brighter than I thought and it's still better. I'm very happy to have suggested you to explore a new palette of colors. A lot of new experiences are waiting for you in this new framework... The next time I will invite Willoos at home I will show him "Liberty" and ask for a his opinion. How does he feel that you were inspired by his style although keeping yours? Considering the events in Brussels this week, the symbol of Liberty and Freedom conveyed by the painting is still stronger. This piece will forever be linked to the conviction I have that the sun always comes back after the rain. We must always trust in the future. I have hung it beside your painting "Harvest Men". It shows the journey you've made in the last years in terms of style and composition. Thanks a lot... I also appreciated very much that you sent me a sketch of the painting. Best to you my friend....

    Benoît - Belgium.

  2. Bryce is an artist who moves forward in leaps from one painting to the next capturing the essence of his subjects in a distinctive style that is powerful yet subtly moving.

    Denis Robinson - Editor New Zealand's Favourite Artists

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